Prayer Vigils Held as France Reels from Yet Another Terror Attack

Prayer vigils were held at a cathedral in Nice, France, on Sunday for victims of the Bastille Day truck attack.

Thursday night’s massacre left 84 dead, with six of the victims coming from the same family. Hundreds more were wounded as the Islamic terrorist used a truck to run down innocents along the French Riviera.

Many of the victims were tourists, including Americans, Germans, Ukrainians, Swiss, Tunisians, Polish and a Russian.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the gruesome terrorist attack.

The uncle of the terrorist says his nephew, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was indoctrinated about two weeks ago by an Algerian member of the Islamic State group in Nice.

France has been repeatedly traumatized by Islamic terrorist attacks that have become alarmingly more frequent and severe over the past year.

Despite being under a heightened state of emergency, French security forces failed to stop Bouhlel from barging past police vehicles at the entrance to Nice’s famed Riviera beach front.

“The fact that this attack occurred when security measures were supposedly in place makes this very different from previous attacks,” said Neil Greenberg, a professor of military mental health at King’s College London.

“That undermines the trust people have in the government to stop these events and it is extraordinarily hard to rebuild that trust once it’s lost,” he said.

“Nice is known as the place where people go to the beach,” Greenberg said. “The attack there may have more of an impact than the Paris attacks because people may now be thinking, ‘Where can I go to relax and be safe?'”


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