Pastor Maxwell Holland: “Poor people define poverty differently from how the rich define it”.

On the 31st of July 2016, Perfecting Church International played host to Pastor Maxwell Holland,
PstMark56Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Embassy based in Ruimsig, Johannesburg. The day which started with an opening Prayer wasPstMark68 immediately preceded by ministration from the Perfecting Praise Choir as they saturated the atmosphere with Praise and Worship. The guest minister was introduce to the podium by Pastor Dememar who in his description, defined him (Pastor Maxwell Holland) as a man with so much integrity in the kingdom. The guest minister started not without appreciating the Bishop when he describe him as a great friend that is closer than a brother, he said in his time of challenge he ran to him and the wisdom he tapped from him (BISHOP H.F.EDWARDS ) covered him. He began his sermon by unveiling his topic for the day, which he said will be a continuation of the series “The Power of Prosperity” which the presiding Bishop of the House had started with, however, he would speaking on the topic “MY WEALTHY PLACE.

Pastor Max in his ministration, explained that before teaching on the Wealthy Place, it was important to define POVERTY as it would determine the response or solutions on how to tackle andPstMark91 implement the tactics that would be formulated to deal with Poverty. He said Poverty is a complicated issue that manifests itself in multiple and different ways and so solving it requires multiple responses and solutions.

He continued by saying, “Poor people define poverty differently from how the rich define it”. He further explained that the rich view poverty as a lack of material possessions whereas the poor view it in psychological terms as shame, inferiority, fear, hopelessness, depression and voicelessness. The rich views the once off handouts as an intervention like the popular initiatives by government to solve issues at face value but this keeps people bound. He said the Church ought to solve the real problems not at face value and viewing poverty as a deficit or lack of material things but rather to deal with the underlying causes because a misdiagnosis may lead to making the situation worse and nullify the good intentions to help. The Church ought to aim at PstMark09not giving 67 blankets but rather training 67 people to make the blankets and learning a skill that will help them feed their families and sustain themselves on the long term.



Poverty is not about money but a consequences of broken relationships: Specifically
a. Broken relationship with God
b. Broken relationship with Youself
c. Broken relationship with People
d. Broken relationship with Creation

PstMark84God’s original plan was for men to live and walk in abundance and have dominion over all things on earth. Adam woke up into affluence in a state of Righteousness with God and walking in confidence of the knowledge of who he was with no sense of inferiority. Then God decided to create someone else for Adam to have a relationship with and so Eve came to be and together they lived in a state of Shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken and nothing lacking. God blessed them in Gen 1:28.

The blessing is the Covenant of God that overrides the curse, it is the Divine conduit through which Divine favour flows, it is the power to govern on earth, it enables the people to rise without being stopped. God first created the blessing, then the man and then the place. When Satan came he moved them out of the relationship with God and after that he tainted the relationship PstMark73each had with self, their spouse and then with creation and they were then taken out of the place. The man was no longer enjoying what God provided but he had to go and look and work for food. Man was originally meant to enjoy things and things were to look for him and not the other way round through toil and struggle. He was no longer ruling but being ruled, he was looking for bread and not empowered to dominate so he fell into a place of poverty.

As he draw towards the end of his sermon, he spoke on the story of the prodigal son, who went to get his inheritance before time, he moved out of the place and broke the relationship with his father, soon after he lost all including relationships with those he had eaten with when he had affluence and was reduced to eating with swine. Irrespective of it all, he returned home and the father embraced him and restored unto him his true identity.


The Lord wants to set the image of his people right from the inside out and fix the relationship with Him first. Those that are in the house of God ought to be living in affluence but living with a poverty mentality because they are not living right with each other as the older brother of the prodigal son was not happy to hear of the return of the prodigal son. There is plenty in the house even for those who left and came back. The issue is not poverty, the issue is relationship. Blessings manifest because it is on you and no longer under a curse, Christ died on the cross for our sake. It is critical to first fix the relationship with God, then with self, with others and then with creation.

PstMark77He concluded that the reason the enemy is after you is because you are made in the image of God, and that before any miracle there is temptation. The devil wants to mess with your image and destiny, if Eve had been named by Adam and she had an understanding of who she was, she would have never fallen for the devils trick. In order to go back to that place (THE WEALTHY PLACE) fix the relationship with God, fix and love you, stop living in strife with others it is a blessing blocker and consult the Holy Spirit to lead you to the Wealthy Place. Favour is a currency in the Kingdom and Relationships are Kingdom assets.

It was a refreshing moment for the congregation as the guest minister rounded up his message. The people were fed in their spirit with what could be described as a spiritual full dose of divine diet.


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