August being Women’s Month in South Africa, the Women’s Ministry’s at Perfecting Church International “Pearls of Worth”, was given an opportunity to address the women and the congregation through the HOD Mrs. Lorna Smith. Mrs. Smith was invited to the podium for her speech, stood by the pulpit with poise and finesse as she delivered her speech which she later explained she had drawn inspiration from her late Mother, Mrs. Nellie Gouws, The Word of GOD, guided by the Holy Spirit and much acknowledgement to internationally acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of Messenger International, Mrs. Lisa Bevere.

Patwilf58Matthew 13v 45-46
“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

Pearls are unique and most valuable, a Pearl symbolizes – Purity, Innocence, Honesty, and spiritual transformation.

PCI’s Women’s Ministry is called “Pearls of Worth” and I want to begin by explaining how a pearl is formed. A pearl is formed when a grain of sand makes its way into the oyster and the oyster as a defense mechanism against this invasion and irritant will coat the irritant with a smooth and hard crystal substance called “nacre” which is calcium carbonate, layers upon layers over many years until the pearl is formed, it is also called the Mother of Pearl. The substance will surround what can be termed the “enemy” or the “irritant” from which the pearl after layers and layers and over many years becomes the beautiful pearl.

In other words what the devil means for harm, God will turn it into a beautiful pearl and that is us ladies. Over the years this pearl will form in this shell and in order to reach it you have to crack the oyster open and inside the oyster you will find a pearl and sometimes if you’re lucky you will find a whole lot of pearls, in different shaped and sizes, which we could today call it our sisterhood in Christ.

We are those beautiful pearls. We are daughters of God and that is how God relates to us as Women and daughters. Irrespective of how you’ve matured throughout the years, from a daughter to a mother to a grandmother, we are still and we will always remain Gods daughters. God relates to us as His precious pearls. Today I want to begin by talk about the young daughters, which we all were.

2 Corinthians 6 v 18
And, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

The young daughters are the hope and the future, they are the human wealth and carriers of great potential in life. The young daughter will then become a mother. As a Mother, she is beautiful inPatwilf52 the sight of God. What do mothers do? Mothers always nurture, they wipe away the tears and give advice. Mothers are instructors, teachers and help you to discover yourself as a woman. They will teach you the different stages in life as you journey through this life. A mother is like the interior of the pearl with different reflections that reflect what the Mother taught and instructed. Later in life a mother becomes a grandmother, a mature precious pearl.

“Grandmothers have lived, seen and fought in the struggle for us. They see the bigger picture to life because they have been through all the stages of being a woman.”

A grandmother over the years grows spiritually and goes quiet but sees and notices everything. Whenever she sits there quietly, she silently prays because she sees what she learnt through her course of life and feels your pain. A grandmother prays for her children, grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. She is the protective outer shell of the pearl and which has been through a lot and so she protects us with prayer and wisdom gained over the years.

Titus 2v3 teaches us that God gave us a mandate that the older women should learn and then teach the younger women, that is the nature of Perfecting Pearls of Worth. Perhaps you are a daughter who desperately needs a mother to talk to, we are here or perhaps you are a mother or a grandmother that thinks you are alone and are not needed, we need your wisdom. When the woman come together and pray, something great happens, the devil is defeated. Ladies lets come and stand together. My prayer today is “Lord help us, let the hearts of the mother turn to notice the daughters, empower us as grandmothers and mothers to lead and comfort our daughters as only we know how with the help of You Lord.”

Patwilf55Beautiful Perfecting Pearls of Worth you are precious, we are called not for ourselves but to build lives, let us connect together, let the older generation and the younger generation come together and connect. I want to invite you ladies to form part of Perfecting Pearls of Worth, let us celebrate the month of August, let us celebrate what we are, The Precious Pearls of God. Shalom.

The Bible
The Holy Spirit
Mrs. Lisa Bevere.
Mrs. Nellie Gouws

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