“Prevention is better than Cure” – Dr. Ronwyn van Eeden Reveals

PCIWmnHlth03On Sunday 14th August 2016 PCI was graced with the presence of soft spoken but insightful and savvy guest speaker, Dr, Ronwyn van Eeden of the Medical Oncology Center in Rosebank. She is a Specialist Physician and Medical Oncologist who has also written a number of Articles which have been published in various Medical Journals. Breast cancer and Cervical cancer are ranked amongst the ailments that cause the most deaths of women in South Africa and so with August being Women’s Month, it was deemed appropriate by the Women’s Ministry to invite Dr. van Eeden to deliver a talk to the entire Church enlightening them about this aggressive disease called Cancer.

Dr. van Eeden is a born-again Christian and her message was included with spiritual emphasis on the fact thatPCIWmnHlth26 although Cancer could be caused by various factors some included self-inflicted factors that could be avoided, so we ought to take care of our bodies being cognizant of the fact that they are God’s temple and should be cared for. Dr. van Eeden explained that cancer could be caused by molecules which could have been exposed to various infections from food or other things. She also said that the cause could be genetic and that when it is in the in-situ stage, which is the best time to diagnose, it is curable and can be prevented from becoming evasive. This means it has travelled through various parts of the body. When the cancer has reached stage 4 it has grown beyond cure.

PCIWmnHlth51The Doctor further explain to the congregation that there are various risk factors to be aware of and avoid to reduce probability of being afflicted and these include late pregnancies, high mass index with little or no physical activity and never having breast fed before. She also advised on what to do in order to avoid being afflicted and this included losing weight, exercising, avoiding alcohol, quitting smoking and avoiding using hormonal pills. She did however reiterate the fact that 10% of the cancer cases are caused by abnormal genes that cannot be curbed and that people who have a very close relative i.e. mother or sister, who has had cancer, they are more likely to be afflicted.

In line with the theme of Wellness, the Women’s Ministry, also announced in the course of the service that therePCIWmnHlth78 was a Mobile Clinic in the Church premises which members of the congregation could visit at any time during the course of the service and after for various tests, checkups and assessments. These included HIV/AIDS test and checkup, Blood pressure testing, Sugar level tests, to name a few. Counseling prior and post the various tests was made available for people in order to ensure sufficient support where needed. The Mobile Clinic Manager when interviewed said she was both alarmed and pleased to mention that most test came back with good results reiterating the fact that by His stripes we are already healed and those that needed care were given referral letters.

Dr. van Eeden referred to 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, which talks about sexual immorality as she enlightened everyone to the fact that there is a close link between AIDS and Cervical cancer. She advised that Women go for regular pap smear but that anytime they felt that the body was reacting in an unusual manner, including irregular or heavy bleeding they should immediately seek for medical help. She informed the congregation on the various stages of the cancer starting from in-situ which is not evasive and can be cured, to stage 1 which can also be cured, then by stage 2/3 it has moved to the lymph nodes and stage 4 it has spread.

She concluded by advising all present that Cancer can start anywhere including breast cancer starting from the arm pit and so the best diagnosis is the person themselves, and so if anything feels funny that people should immediately react to it but most importantly everyone should take good care of their bodies as “Prevention is better than Cure.”




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