In 2009 I suddenly started feeling very sick and I went to the doctor for a check-up and he discovered a lump underneath my arm, it was as big as a tennis ball. He suspected that it was cancer and then he gave me a referral letter with a red dot on it to go to Helen Joseph hospital. When I got there he did a biopsy immediately and he confirmed that it was cancer and discovered that it was at stage 4, meaning it was raging and at this stage there is no cure. The next day they rushed me to Jo’burg General to start sessions of chemotherapy because it had reached a critical stage. During this time a sister in our church PCI went to present my case to Bishop and immediately he started praying for me. The doctors had given up on me because the cancer had spread so far. Bishop however never gave up on me and visited me the following Wednesday to pray for me and the following Sunday when I came to church he prayed for me and laid his hands upon me.

When I went back on the following Monday the doctors tested my blood and found out that the cancer had started to dry up but they still kept on with the sessions of chemo till the cancer was completely gone. The chemo may have played a part but I know that the prayers by Bishop and the congregation for me are what delivered the miracle of healing by God. The doctors tested me again and found out that the cancer had dried up totally and this was 7 years ago to date that I was freed of cancer. I want to thank God for my healing, I want to thank God for my Bishop and I give God the glory and honour. I am very proud of my Bishop and my church, PCI. The doctors were shocked and they gave me a letter as evidence that said that I am cancer free. Prayers changed my life and brought joy to my family and I have overcome. Thank you very much Bishop for helping me overcome, you are a disciple, my father and my Bishop, you are a man of God, you have the anointing upon you and I thank God for you.

We want to say thank you to God, the PCI congregation and our father who allowed himself to be used by God, Bishop H.F. Edwards for answered prayers that restored joy to our family through this miracle. Praise be to God.


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