1 Event, 5 sessions, 4 Speakers,1 concert at PCI RESTORATION 2016

RIVETING! is what would best describe the experience at the auspicious Event Hosted by Perfecting Church International South Africa (PCI South Africa) under the leadership of the Senior Pastor and founder the prodigious and yet humble man of God Bishop H.F EdwardsBishop H.F. Edwards, titled ‘Restoration 2016”on Friday 15th April 2015. Without a doubt those who attended can affirm that the event was money well spent and time well invested. Upon arrival in the parking area of the Rhema Church-Randburg where the event was held by the CIN team, one could already tell that the atmosphere was charged judging by the sheer excitement on the faces of attendees, staff and members of the host Churches. The efficiency of the members and staff made the journey from the parking area to designated seats a smooth transition that enabled the people to be relaxed and assured of an excellent time in the presence of the Lord. The greeters, ushers and security were well organized and functioned like a well-oiled machine. The people in attendance were from various Churches in and around Johannesburg and from surrounding near and far places, people came from as far as Botswana and various other areas. Looking around the sanctuary when we were seated you could see a richly textured portrait of attendees from different races, creed, gender and backgrounds. The Event which hosted 5 sessions, with each session delivering beyond expectation could make up a full Event of a church.Alph124

The first session kicked off exactly at 10;00am with Pastor Allistair Halters who was also the Master of Ceremonies opening up the event with a prayer then the Choir from Alleluia Ministries opened the gates and led people into the Courts with Thanksgiving and Praise. After a wonderful time in Praise and Worship the very talented Hlengiwe Ntombela took to the stage before the man of God Pastor Alph Lukau, head Pastor of Alleluia Ministries was introduced and he came on the stage with a guard by his side dressed in all white navy seal uniform indicating a general in the Kingdom was about to deliver a message from God. To everyone’s delight the Man of God displayed the gift of Prophesy so precise and so definitive that left people aghast at how great the Lord is and how He uses whom He calls.

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General72After the first session there was a break where people could go to the bathroom, stretch their legs, grab a bite and get some fresh air. Each one of these seemingly simple issues turned out to be a complex experience in itself also affirming the excellent attendance of the event. The ladies bathrooms resembled the lines when all South Africans were first allowed to vote and so did the lines by each and every food vendor. What is termed ‘padkos’ suddenly seemed like it would have been a good idea to some who CIN managed to chat with and those who had not thought of it had to patiently wait in the lines or some opted to wait till everyone was back in the auditorium for the next session. As CIN combed the crowd taking reactions from various people you would get the indication that most people were willing to forfeit physical food and veer towards being nourished by Spiritual food for the day. Although people had designated seats others refused to leave their seats lest they miss anything that may transpire in between sessions. To this we can only say what an awesome experience to be amongst people so hungry for God. Anyone at the event could be forgiven for forgetting that this was a work day and yet the place was full and more peopleConcert71 trickled in for the second session. Janine Price, one of the lead Worship Leaders at Rhema Church, took to the stage and people applauded as the gifted and anointed minister announced what would be the next session which was a Gospel concert that featured Hlengiwe Ntombela, Mahalia Buchanan, who also happens to be a member of PCI and a member of their Worship Team, Xolani Mdlalose or Xolani M and Ntokozo Mbambo. The session was opened by a series of songs ministered by the PCI Choir as they introduced the Gospel Musical Extravaganza. As each Gospel Star took to the stage each one displayed how Awesome and ever Resourceful God is to deposit in each Star corporate anointing however differing talent and ability and flair to deliver the same message that God is Faithful and Colourful.

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Edwards36At the tail end of the second session the host Bishop H.F. Edwards, Senior Pastor and founder of PCI South Africa took to the stage and commenced the third session which was a 40minute none-stop reverberating prayer session. The man of God led people into the Throne Room where all inhibition were discarded and people lay their heart before the feet of God and bore all. As CIN we pray with one eye open to be able to capture and record every incident and all around we could see people pressing and pushing towards the mark of the high calling, in deep conversation with their father. Wow!


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As Bishop Edwards shouted a resounding Amen and people responded accordingly he introduced the fourth session and introduced Bishop Musa Sono, Senior Pastor and founder of Grace Bible Church South Africa, as one of the father’s in the faith in SouthSono10 Africa yet so humble, CIN having met and interviewed Bishop Sono before concurs with this introduction. Bishop reiterated what Pastor Alf Lukau said but revised it in that Pastor Alf was not John the Baptist laying the foundation for him but rather both Bishop Sono and Pastor Alf were John the Baptist laying the foundation for the Chief Guest Speaker Bishop TD Jakes who would seal the day’s events. Rega a Hebrew word that means moment of opportunity was the subject of the teaching by Bishop Sono. He spoke to the heart of each attendee using humorous references and yet not withstanding being specific and relevant. He closed off the teaching with declarations over Bishop Edwards stating that God spoke to him that even though Bishop Edwards organized this event for others to be restored, God has said specifically that He would restore Bishop Edwards and reminding everyone that Thursday 14th April had been Bishops Edwards birthday.


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Jakes31 Immediately after the fourth session CIN was informed by our contact that Bishop TD Jakes had requested that the Praise and Worship be delayed so he could be part of it and so immediately as he stepped into the sanctuary PCI Choir led God’s people into the place of deep worship with old school songs like ‘His Presence is here to heal’ and it was obvious that the Bishop was deeply moved by the Worship. Pastor Jerome Campher of New Faith Church Cape Town was asked to pray over the offering and informed the attendees that as he has been travelling with Bishop TD Jakes to various churches he could assure us that we were in for the ride of a lifetime and to get ready. Bishop Edwards then took the stage to introduce the man of the day Bishop TD Jakes, at this time people CIN had taken a few seconds to take reactions from found out that some people had been in the Sanctuary since 9am and it was now 10hours later and people were still charged and ready for the last lap.

The fifth and final session immediately commenced as Bishop TD Jakes took the microphone and the sanctuary roared as people stood up and shouted in honour of the man of God. In typical Bishop Jakes style he told everyone “I am a man of colour’ and he showed everyone his red shoes that he wore to highlight his attire of black suit and white shirt. He requested the people of God to be on their feet to read the Word of God as we read Numbers 14;1-9 to introduce the teaching titled “My battle is my bread’. The man of God taught intently and CIN can confirm that everyone was served exactly what was suitable for each one and what they needed to receive or rather had come expectant to receive.

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