Bishop H.F Edwards light up the arena at Restoration 2016 with Prayer

The third session of the event is a praying session, which saw the congregation in a 45minutes prayer non-stop. At the tail end of the second session, Bishop H.F. Edwards, Senior Pastor and founder of PCI South Africa, which has a membership of thousands after 20 years of existence, took to the stage whilst the Worship still continued in the background.

The Bishop who was credited and endorsed by the former President of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki for the extensive work he is doing in reviving people and rehabilitating lives in all aspects of their lives, led the 40minute none-stop earth shaking, roaring, resounding and reverberating prayer session. The man of God charged up the entire congregation in prayer that was undeniably heard in the Heavens as he prayed and demanded the windows of Heaven to be opened and an outpouring of blessing upon the people. He cried out to God genuinely from his heart as was witnessed by Attendees in the event who are present just to watch and observed how things are been done.

In a short reaction by CIN with some of the attendees, they said they have been to prayer meetings but the man (Bishop Edward) prayed like the earth was coming to an end. The whole of the hall, which contains well over 500 thousand people, was on fire as they prayed following the precedent of the man on the pulpit. The prayer session took another turn when he switched into praying in tongues and was religiously joined by congregates to create a harmonious cry out to God who answers all fervent prayers of the righteous. As we observe into the prayer session, CIN looked around and saw people lay slain in the spirit making in deep connection with the Lord.

By the time Bishop Edwards ended the long lasting prayer, there was a resounding Amen from the people responding accordingly as an indication that all knew unequivocally that their prayers had been heard.



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