BISHOP MUSA SONO: REGA; a moment of opportunity

The fourth session of the just concluded RESTORATION 2016 by PCI South Africa held at Rhema Church in Randburg on Friday 15th April 2015 was piloted by Bishop Musa Sono, founder and presiding Bishop of Grace Bible Church South Africa. Grace Bible Church was established in 1983 and has grown to have 14 satellite churches all over South Africa.

Sono7Bishop Musa Sono, one of the father’s in the faith in South Africa yet a very humble man of God. The Soweto born Bishop wanted to be a teacher before answering the call into ministry. CIN having met and interviewed Bishop Sono, can reiterate the introduction of this man of God. An article in Sowetan published in March 2015 reported that this man of God is like a mix of Dr. Martin Luther King and Trevor Noah, who never allowing a dull moment in his sermon.

His message in this event was tittled with an Hebrew word Rega which means “Moment of Opportunity”. He began by saying, there is a Revival all over the World and a change is about to take place as the clouds are gathering. He started his teaching when he read from the book of John 9:1-4 as he said it is critical to do the right thing in God appointed time as time lapses. He said, doing the right thing in the wrong time will not work. He said people oughtSono41 to do what God called them to do before the night time becuase each work had a precise time it ought to be done. Not doing an assignment at the right time will push it out of the destined time. Referring to Ezra 9:8 he said there are space or time frames when Grace is released within a Rega moment and this means there is a set time which has an entry and exit time-frame.

He then referred to the blind man who had spent 38 years at the pool of Bethesda and how God opened a window of opportunity for the man, he exhibited over and above physical blindness, spiritual blindness due to helplessness, analysis paralysis and dependency. He said, when the window of opportunity opens, you must “Rise up take up your bed” which is the very thing that represents your captivity and “walk” meaning take action. He expanded on his teaching as he taught the people to “Nurture the spirit of expectations”, “Take initiative when God presents it”, “Refuse to play the blame game and push yourself to respond correctly”.

Sono62He concluded by saying whatever has previously incapacitated the people, God will restore it in a moment but before then He wants the people to rise up to the challenge. Finally he requested Bishop Edwards to join him on stage and said the Lord had instructed him to tell Bishop Edwards that as much as the Event “Restoration 2016” was for those who attended, God said He would specifically restore Bishop Edwards and asked him to pray for everyone. This was a touching moment as it could be heard in Bishop Edwards voice, the deep rooted cry to God has the people responded to the prayer in the Sanctuary.

What a wonderful word for the beginning of the second quarter of the year, indeed Restoration was evidently the portion of everyone in attendance.




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