T.D. JAKES: I No Longer Preach to Please or Excite People But God’s Words

The fifth and final session of the Event hosted by Perfecting Church International South Africa (PCI) at Rhema Church in Randburg on Friday 15th April 2015 was the highlight of the day as the people of God anticipated the arrival and teaching of Jakes21the Chief guest speaker Bishop TD Jakes after almost 12hours of being in the Sanctuary. People did not seem disturbed nor tired but rather rejuvenated by the anticipation of the Word, which would be deliver through God’s servant. Upon Bishop TD Jakes arrival in the sanctuary, the PCI Choir ministered in Praise and Worship before Bishop Edwards introduced the man of the day “Bishop TD Jakes”.

Bishop TD Jakes is the Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a 30,000-member Church based in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is an author, preacher, mentor and Spiritual father to many amongst other accolades. He was named “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine in line with his God given mission to teach, preach and minister to the elite and down trodden alike affirmingJakes18 the unconditional love of God to all equally. Besides being a world renown preacher, Bishop Jakes is an award winning businessman and humanitarian with an empire that encompasses films such as “Winnie Mandela’ depicting the life of South African icon; the former wife of the late legend President Nelson Mandela and soon to be released is “Miracles from Heaven” whose clip was played before Bishop Jakes started his sermon and the T.D. Jakes School of Leadership was also announced.

After more than 36 years in ministry, Bishop Jakes reminded us all that he no longer preached to please or excite but rather to deliver a message directly from the mouth of the Lord. He thanked and acknowledged the Pastor’s and Bishops present and everybody in attendance. He then asked all to stand as we read the Word of God from the book of Numbers 14;1-9 giving the title of his message as “My battle is my bread’. In his message, he began by saying, “just before you possess what belongs to you, engage the most opposition as God padlocks blessings because they are not for the indifferent”. During the process of the battle is when most people leave you and it is during a test you find out who God really is. He also said, if a man does not know who he is, he can never know how to feed himself. He used himself and his wife as an example stating that he is an extrovert versus his introvert wife and he thrives on being in the midst of the fight and needs colour referring to the red shoes he was wearing to complete his black and white attire.

Jakes52He went further in his teaching when he said, what you do in private determines how powerful you are in public just like Jesus who prayed in private and would come out powerful the disciples asked him to show them what he did and he taught them the Lord’s prayer starting with Abba Father… meaning it reaffirms He is our father so we should approach Him boldly and we do not have to be brought to Him, Which Art in Heaven… which says we ought to understand the relationship in location and indicates that God is in charge of everything, Hallowed be Your name… means be prepared to Praise Him because you can only access Him through Praise and Thanksgiving, Thy Kingdom come…indicates the Power, Thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven… this defines the purpose, Give us…this is the key to provision we ask because we know He has it to give, This Day….this is the time module referring to present time, Our Daily bread…this is daily fresh bread allocated according to everyone’s need and what they are facing on that specific day and also referring to doing things as per current time demands and not based on how fore fathers and religiosity demands it be done. He made it that way so that we keep coming back daily to Him.

He said, God’s answers does not look like the question we ask, which is why when he answers our request, we ask “Manna” which means what is it? God will send what you may not have had in mind because He knows what you need. God wants us to see that within the garage therein lies the penthouse and when you ask for a forest He will give you the seed, so we ought not to wrestle with the process because the process comes before the promise. He instructed everyone to tell their neighbor that it was time to move and that when a person is about to do God’s work that is when the devil will attack you because your battle is your bread. God will nourish you through your trouble so look at your battle and say “you a’int nothing but bread’ and you can then eat it.

Jakes28One profound statement he made during his teaching was, “You ought to thank old friends and acquaintances that left you because if they did not you may never fulfil what God has called you to do and that is why Jesus called Peter Satan and Judas friend because the ‘love’ of some can stop you from reaching your destiny and those who tried to kill you call them friends”. Just like in Psalm 23 you needed enemies at your table otherwise you cannot have the table laid in the midst of them and therefore you cannot eat on that table. He concluded when he said people must not wish for another’s anointing because they may not have been destined to handle their battle. When you see the battle as bread, its defense is defeated. The enemy appears strong to some because they see him as such so you ought to change your perception through tough times.

He concluded the sermon by leading the whole congregation into a session of prayer as the atmosphere was enormously charged with the presence of God.

What a wonderful way to end a great even like this.



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