God Blessed My Family with a Car

Testimony Title : Breakthrough

We share this testimony to strengthen some of our brothers and sisters in the church because we always know through the word of God that TESTIMONY is as potent as the WORD, how do we know this? if you may ask, read…(Rev 12:11). We have been believing God for a car, because where we worship is a little bit far from where we stay, so we decided as a family to speak to God about it within the 90 days of uncommon miracle declare by the God through the father of the Ministry Bishop H.F.Edwards. Has the day goes by, we listen to testimonies of others as they flow in daily, i said to my wife and children we must key into this moment of uncommon miracle hearing all these testimonies since we have made up our mind to serve the lord in this church. The church has been so good that every time we attend service they will always make a plan for us to get back home. The bishop gave a standing order to see that we are being dropped off each time we are in church for service. This continued for a while when we said to God we need a car to be able to be in church to serve. Not too long God made a way for us by giving us a breakthrough this month of September 2016. My family was blessed with a car.

We really thank the church for their concern and commitment to improvise a means to get home after each service. We also want to say thank you to the servant of God, the Father of the house, Bishop H.F.Edwards for his love and care and the entire leadership of PCI (SA).

Praise the Lord.

Sunny’s Family

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