Bishop Mosa Sono Anoints Elders And Deacons On Day Of Installation

Marlon Nero PhotoThey all lined up facing the congregation, surely with holy trembling dressed in white collars identifying them as Priests and servants in the house, first the deacons and then the elders, as they answered yes to the call to become the leaders of the church alongside the Presiding Bishop, Bishop H.F Edwards and the Pastors.

This was the Inaugural Service of Installation and Ordination held on Sunday the 20th November 2016, of the first group of Deacons and Elders for Perfecting Church International, Ever! The service was completely different to what we were used to. The first song sang “Wonderful Day”, was appropriate as indeed it was for those about to be Ordained and their families as they all remembered how they had first walked into Perfecting Church International. Many possibly walked in with no aspirations or thoughts that one day, they would be called to this high level of service. After the opening prayer, the deacons and elders marched into the auditorium being led by the Ushers dressed in white. Some who were in tears as they came in.

The selected deacons and elders after numerous training and teachings sessions were prayerfully picked by theMarlon Nero Photo church leadership and Bishop H.F Edwards to be ordained. In the process of the ordination, they vow before the congregation whilst on their knees to care for the needs of the church community, to lead spiritually, to support the Bishop and the Pastors, to guide the church through decisions and as instructed in the Word of God to pray for the sick and to love His children.

The term Ordination is a translation of a combination of Hebrew and Greek words meaning “appointed” or “set apart to an office of special services.” The act of ordination which is associated with laying of hands symbolically conveys a sharing of the mantle of leadership and a calling to a special service. This was what reverberated from Bishop Mosa Sono as he further explained to everyone what was transpiring this day.

Marlon Nero PhotoThe Bishop who delivered the sermon titled “Answering the call or standing between the living and the dead”. He dedicated the message to all those being ordained and explained that those who are called should never question the call of God upon them and that those being led should never raise their voice against those that are called, as there are serious repercussions to this. He reminded the congregation that God never looks at the background of anyone He calls, but looks at the assignment, the more disqualified the more He qualifies.


It was a wonderful day indeed and after the sermon, Bishop Sono and the Bishop of the house Bishop H.F Edwards anointed and prayed over those being ordained as they knelt before God.

Marlon Nero Photo

Bishop H.F Edwards closed the service by thanking his brother, best friend and colleague in the Kingdom for his friendship and continuous support. The newly ordained deacons and elders then marched out of the auditorium led by the appointed ushers.




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