Greetings saints

As we are aware that 1 December is a world AIDS day , I would encourage every person to test for HIV and know their status .
AIDS is no longer a syndrome only but a humans right issue , your either infected or affected with HIV.
HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome).
HIV has stages before it progresses to AIDS , when a layman can suspect that a person is infected with HIV ,they are often at AIDS stage
HIV/AIDS affects your cells and makes it vulnerable to disease , in other words what will normally be benign(self limiting ) to a person with competent immune system will be detrimental to person with HIV/AIDS .
Knowing your status and getting help early is not only wise but selfless as we know that this disease will affect even people without it.
The health system in our country has progressed so much that every patient has access to HIV /AIDS treatment .

Knowing your status and getting treatment early will stop or slow progression from HIV to AIDS .
The reason HIV is so deadly it’s because it affects the blood and the bible in the old testaments (Leviticus 17:11) states that life is in the blood so anything that affects the blood has potential to be fatal , but thank God for Jesus Christ and the blood that was shared for you and I , in the book of John 1:4 the Bible tells us that life is in the him (word / Christ) hence it’s impossible for believing born again christian to die from any disease let alone any blood disease because our life is now in Christ.
Affirm with God that no weapon fashioned against you in this world and world to come has potential to kill you .
Let’s celebrate our new life in Christ
Know your status , get treatment and don’t decrease your life span .

Warm Regards

Dr Shabangu

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