What is a Home Cell?
The home cell is the tool or vehicle whereby evangelism in the Church is done. It is also the way to incorporate and to develop new Christians to spiritual maturity and into the church. It provides fellowship, follow up and nurturing of Christians. The home cell operates through a home cell leader and one assistant home cell leader.

At Perfecting Church International we have a number of home cell groups who meet in homes on different days of the week. Most of the groups meet in the evenings as this suit working folk but we do have a few groups who meet during the day. The groups study material based on the previous Sunday service messages.

The home cell is the place to equip the members for the work of the ministry. The cell leader also reduces pressure and responsibility on the pastors. If members have a problem or life challenges, this can be sorted out on cell level.
The home cell and its leaders have a non - threatening environment for spiritual growth. It is a place to build strong, life changing

relationships and is also a place for accountability. It is a place where the unsaved person is given the opportunity to see God’s work in the life’s of true believers and to establish Christian values and morals in their own lives. The cell meeting is a place of fellowship, ministry to one another and outreach. Therefore relationships are of vital importance for cell growth and functioning

The Home Cell meeting:

The purpose of the home cell meeting is four fold:

1.Welcome - 15 minutes:

The purpose of the welcome step is to allow newcomers to feel at ease. The home cell leader may allow members to give short testimonies for the newcomers not to feel threatened.

2. Worship - 15 minutes:
The cell leader or cell assistant leads the praise and worship by singing two or three songs that the group is familiar with. Worship is to release the manifest presence of the Lord. As we pour out our hearts to glorify the Lord, He inhabits those praises and reveals His presence in a very special way among His people. In His presence we find new strength, new hope, restoration, salvation and deliverance. A time of worship will provide an atmosphere for the manifestation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and consequently for dynamic ministry to take place, for the purpose of edification.

3.Word - 30 minutes:
The main purpose in sharing the Word is to grow spiritually and to glorify Jesus Christ. The cell leader leads in the discussion of previous Sunday’s messages...

4.Works - 15 minutes:
With this time members learn to know each other better on an open level.

Home Cell Multiplication:
Home cell ministry leads to home cell multiplication and so church expansion. The main purpose of each member of the home cell is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to invite people to the home cell and Sunday services. The home cell raises up future leaders and train others to take responsibility for new believers.