My Family:

I am a single mother of two daughters and also a proud grandmother of twins.

My Spiritual Journey:

I have been a member at Perfecting Church since 2004.
I have served in many different areas of the church and I am passionate about the success of the ministry.
I am the overseer of the Cell Ministry which consists of eleven districts in Johannesburg and Centurion. I am also on the leadership of the Woman’s Ministry.

My favourite quote:

There are two things that I have learned. The first one: there is a God. The second one: It is not me!”
My most influential person in my life/ministry:
The most influential person is my mother, Nan. She has helped me to develop my natural and spiritual gifts, challenged me to grow in many areas of life, and accompanied me on my journey of faith.
The best piece of advice that I have received:
No matter what you do, work at it with all your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10)
What I would you like to be doing in five years:
Encourage more women to do what God has called them to do.

My leadership qualities include:

I exhibit Godly character and lifestyle:
This is the most critical, non-negotiable characteristic of a church leader. We are called to lead on behalf of Jesus Christ, as shepherds accountable to the Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4). Paul made it clear in First Timothy and Titus that, above all else, a leader’s life must be in the process of being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

I Have a deep passion for Jesus:

The church is about Jesus! He is its leader. I serve as a leader under Him. Only those with a passion for Him are qualified to lead His people.

I display personal humility:

Leadership in the church differs in two significant respects from how it is practiced in other arenas. Firstly, it is a leadership of service rather than power. As Peter wrote, ‘Overseers should be ‘eager to serve: not lording it over those entrusted to you.’ Secondly, this leadership already has its agenda set by the Lord of the church. My agenda has been set, and my leadership priorities are Christ’s not my own.

I genuinely love people:

I am a humble Godly individual, I love others as Christ loves me. The driving characteristic of God’s pursuit of us has been unexplainable, powerful, unrelenting love, bathed in mercy, compassion, forgiveness and grace.

Is a lifelong learner:

I am a learner. I am driven to lead well to become more effective.

I lead willingly:

Good leaders are willing leaders (1 Peter 5). Willing leaders are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to lead, without inner resentment and frustration.

I am a purveyor of hope

I am optimistic about the future and I convey that optimism and hope to those I lead. I believe that positive things can and will happen because I understand that it is God who empowers and it is He who has promised to