PERFECTING PRAISE came into existence when Perfecting Church International was birthed in 1996 making it 20 years ago in 2016. We have professional people who are working in the Music Industry as the Management and Leadership of the Choir. Excellency and striving to find ways to be more efficient are the order of the day and we pride ourselves on the commitment to achieving such through the Management of the Choir, the Choice of songs we minister and the quality grooming of the God given gift that our members bring into the Team.

PERFECTING PRAISE is a very important part of the Worship of the Lord at Perfecting Church International as we seek to glorify God through authentic Worship (spirit and truth), encourage and edify the Body of Christ through vibrant Praise, and over the years we having raised the bar, we look for ways to improve our Ministry, to make sure that we really Worship God with the highest level of Excellency.


To become a Praise and Worship Team that fully acknowledges and recognizes the Magnitude of God and Glorify Him with a unity of mind and heart


The Ministry is focused on developing the following foundational values:

  • Priority - The display of our commitment to serving God, our Church and our Father in the Lord.
  • Commitment - Intense adherence to excellence and professionalism through our service
  • Imperative - Our servant hood, our strong relationship with God and humility as we follow PCI’s motto “ONE HAS VALUE”