MarvWPerfCh88The Perfecting Praise Choir is a platform for members who are gifted to have an opportunity to serve in Worship, through singing and praise. The Ministry is comprised of a dedicated group of Ministers who lead the congregation in worship for regular services, as well as for special events. The Team is committed to excellence and so they rehearse every Thursday night from 7:00pm until 10:00am and then on Saturdays from 12:00pm until 3:00pm. The Band and the Worship leaders meet daily to check the Music and run songs in preparation for the rehearsals.




MarvWPerfCh38The Perfecting Praise Band is a 5 piece band made up of organist, Strings keyboardist, keyboardist, drummer and bass guitarist. The gifted Team of Instrumentalists is pushed by the Leadership to be excellence conscious and they rehearse daily to achieve such. The Team is made of sons of the Perfecting Church who are first and foremost servants in the house before they are professionals.





Concert4Our Dancers are dedicated to using dance as art form to illustrate the Word of God through sign language with the desire to use their talents to glorify God. They impart their love of dance displaying the discipline of the body and mind, grace and poise, and appreciation for the beauty of art—as well as the sheer joy of dancing. Performing in relation to the Choir Ministration to relate the same message as they use their gifts to honor the Lord through dance