Perfecting Church International Protocol and Security Department’s activities and functions are guided and directed by the Church motto “One has Value.” Our service is solely directed at ensuring the overall safety and security of the entire Church for those who are visiting, members, their families and properties.

Our strategies to achieve this are varied, however we are always strategically positioned within the Church to oversee that all congregants feel secure. We are also considered an ad-hoc Department in that we assist every Department in offering security services on site or o% on site during Missionary or Evangelistic missions with the Church, where we go ahead to scout the areas for any security risk and pre-plan on how to secure our people and their properties.


Our mission is to maintain order by providing smooth, effective and efficient running of protocol services to ensure a safe and secured environment for all who visit and worship at PCI on and off site.


Street Security
1. We assist with directing traffic, parking and safe guarding cars in the parking areas outside and inside the church premises.

Safety and Security

1. Provide ad-hoc services for all Church Ministries and Departments on or off site.
2. Security for the Sunday School.
3. Off-site Missionary and Evangelistic work.
4. On-site security for Ushering Team during and after the collection of tithes and offering.
5. Strategic locations with the Church to oversee that there are no disruptions in the Church.
6. Securing the Church premises and building before and after all services.

Armour Bearers

1. We provide personal security for the Presiding Bishop on and off site when he ministers elsewhere.
2. We receive the Bishop at every arrival in Church, escort him to the lounge and later into the sanctuary.
3. We Escort the Bishop's convoy to functions, services or facilities where he may be a guest or ministering to assure his needs are met.

Guest Services

1. We are escorts to designated guest to the Bishop.
2. We cater for the needs of the guests and make welfare arrangements for them where necessary.
3. We assist in welcoming invited guests from the airport and escort them to their accommodation.
4. We provide transportation services for guests from their accommodation to the Church and back.
5. We provide assistance with guests itinerary and activities in and around Johannesburg where required.


1. Developing Monthly work plans and schedules for events indicating assignments inside, outside or offsite.
2. Protocol Resource Planning and their allocation (i.e. transport, finance and other requirements)
3. Liaising with other departments as Protocol representative
4. Sourcing and dissemination of information on events and Bishops itinerary.