Perfecting Church International’s Right Hand of Fellowship is an important and integral part of the Church Culture. The ceremony is a Welcome Home party for people who have made the decision to make PCI their Spiritual home. The following is the process that is followed by people who have a made a decision to be part of the family:

  1. Bishop Edwards always conducts an altar call for those who have been visiting the Church and have made a decision to join the Church.
  2. In the visitors lounge you will be greeted by our very friendly staff members and Pastors who will explain the process, tell you more about our Church and answer your questions.
  3. You will be required to fill a form indicating your interest to become a member of the Church, then you will be given the details of the New Membership Class which is compulsory to attend because it is where you will learn more about the Church, our mission, what we believe in so that you to make an informed decision.
  4. After you have attended the New Membership Class, you will be informed of the date of the Right Hand of Fellowship ceremony where you will now be officially welcomed and introduced to the congregation.
  5. The Right Hand of Fellowship ceremony takes place during one of the Sunday services where Bishop. Edwards and the Pastoral team will call you on stage, introduce you to the Congregation and hand you your membership certificates.
  6. After the service, all new members are invited to have a formal lunch and fellowship with Bishop Edwards and the Pastoral team.

Here at Perfecting Church International, our mission is to see every Christian empowered to live a life to the fullest for the Lord by creating an infrastructure and program that would permit God’s people to maximize their potential.

  1. Come Visit: Never been to PCI before? Come visit us! For details on times and directions click here!
  2. Get Connected: We have Connect Groups for all age groups and for people in all seasons of life, sign up today and one of our Connect Leaders will be in touch with the details of your specific group.
  3. Serve: We encourage every person at PCI to serve the Lord with gladness and work alongside each other to build His Church.
The New Members Class:

We want to tell you about our history and some of the stories that explains who we are as a Church because becoming a member of Perfecting Church International means you are a part of the PCI story. Our membership class connects you to Perfecting Church and explains our purpose, values, and history and gives you an opportunity to become a member.

We meet on Saturdays, over a few hours and get the opportunity to share with you several pertinent issues and topics that give answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity, the Church in general, and PCI in particular. It is a great opportunity to meet the Church leaders and to get woven into the Church community. We share about all the life of the Church, the life of a Christian and the genetic make-up and structure and values of PCI. We conduct frank and open discussions so you are free to ask any question that you may have about any topic related to your life, Christianity, the Gospel and about PCI, so come ready with your questions and be ready to receive.

Take a look at our Statement of Faith by clicking here before attending the class.