Perfecting Church International Ushering department is vital because we visibly represent the Church and help set the tone for members and visitors by how we receive and greet them in preparation for the worship service, we can either make them receptive or distracted from receiving from the service. We assist with the smooth operation within the service and we understand that we are the frontline of the Church. We strive to make people feel at home, loved, needed and wanted so they will come back and bring their family with them.

The Perfecting Church International Ushering department’s objective is to ensure that the church slogan “One has value” is adhered to so we go the extra mile to greet and usher each person entering our Church in a manner that they will feel highly welcomed and made to feel at home by giving them a hug and ushering them to a good seat before the service starts.

It is our mission to witness to everyone coming into the Church by displaying the character of Jesus Christ by maintaining the consistency of what we do and we give them time and time again when they keep coming and bringing their family with them. We know that how you are greeted and received when you first come to the Church may make you come back or never return again.

Aisle Ushers: They float through the Sanctuary looking for open seats and walk people to them.

Door Ushers: Stand and greet people from outside the Sanctuary ushering them to their seats. They handle the doors, opening and closing them during and after each service.

They are Available to direct people to bathroom/ toilet.

Offering: Collect offering if needed.
Communion: Assist the Elders and Deacons when serving Communion by controlling and directing the crowd.